The Best Skateparks Between Ottawa and Toronto

If you’re traveling between Toronto and Ottawa often, or just looking for a road trip with a few solid parks, be sure to check these out. Most are right off highway 401 and have easy access. Here are the top 5 skateparks in order from west to east.

Belleville Skatepark

Belleville skatepark has a rhythm section, a bunch of ledges in an open area, rails and banks, and a tight bowl at the back.

Kingston Skatepark (Daly Street)

A fun open park with a lot of flow. Has multiple banks and quarters, and lots of humps. It also has a central rail and ledge obstacle in the middle.…

Gananoque Skatepark

A flowy park with lots of different obstacles. Quarter pipes all along one side of the park, a bowl section, rails, bank, and unique ledges on top of jagged rocks.…

Brockville (Civitan) Skatepark

A long curved quarter pipe in the back balances the variety of ledges and rails in this classic one-directional-flowing Ontario skatepark.…

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