Top 5 Parks in Southern Ontario with Great Transition

Ontario has a lot of incredible parks for riding transition. But at times it can be hard to find the ones that really challenge more advanced skaters. Especially if you aren’t familiar with the local parks. Here are 5 parks in southern Ontario that will satisfy the need for riding some big quarter pipes, help you cruise some nice smooth coping, or let you get air on those big floaty hips.

Vanderhoof Skatepark – Leaside Bowl

One of the smoothest bowls in the city, by far. The locals have taken great care of this older park. It has nice flow and great coping an even some over vert in one end. There’s also a nice small street course with some ledges and…

Waterdown Skatepark

A great huge bowl in the small town of Waterdown, Ontario. Not too far from the city of Hamilton. Evenly balanced transition of various types, and a…

Uxbridge Skatepark

Uxbridge has one of the larger open bowls in Ontario. Flowy hips, quarters, corners, it has it all. An extension with a deep end, and even some great coping. And it recently added a large pump track in the back, and a…

Cannington Skatepark

Cannington skatepark has an insanely diverse variety of obstacles. Tons of rails, ledges, and transition everywhere. This is a quality park and worth the drive north of…

Legacy Skatepark (Ottawa)

An older park in Ottawa with tons of great transition. There’s a big bowl end section with a spine, a long quarter on the back end of the park, and a mashup of ledges and banks in the centre street course. There’s also a smaller…

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