1. Not a comment about this park.
    But just wondering why Barrie Skatepark is not on this list?
    It is one of Ontarios oldest concrete skateparks, and also home to one of Ontarios strongest skate scenes!!


    1. We should definitely work on getting Barrie up on the list. I’ll send you a note to ask for photos!


  2. The new skatepark in Aurora is not located at Hickson Park.

    It is at the Aurora Family Leisure Center;


    Thanks all, keep posting new parks to keep it fresh.


  3. Now where EXACTLY is this? I went to the address, there is a park (Hickson Park) and there is something that remotely resembles a skatepark. Some crummy street obtacles. But I couldnt find the park pictured above. There is just nothing there at this address.


    1. Man, sorry about that Martin. I had posted the address to the old Aurora park. I just updated it though, sorry about the confusion! Thanks for correcting me.


  4. Yeah, thanks! Do you (or anyone) know if the park has lights? Too hot right now to go when it’s still light outside.


  5. The park is free, and there’s a couple parking lot lights, but it’s enough to have a dangerous low-key night skate lol. Like, about half the park is semi-light from the streetlights, because they are not directly aimed at the park. Also, security makes their rounds at random times through the night to kick people out, but if you politely vacate and then wait until they leave, you can keep skating.

    One of my favourite local parks, sick rectangular minipipe, rad street section, smooth crete.


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