Sudbury Skatepark (Minnow Lake, Carmichael Arena)

Sudbury has a great skatepark on the way to northern Ontario. It’s right beside Carmichael Arena. The mini ramp into bowl area is great for learning how to air a spine since it’s mellow but still a decent height. And the rest of the park has fun rails, ledges, and some of the classic banks and table tops you’d enjoy for skating some lines.

Carmichael Arena, 1298 Bancroft Dr, Sudbury, ON, P3B 1R6

Sudbury Skatepark stair set
Sudbury Skatepark bowl
Sudbury Skatepark
Sudbury Skatepark
Sudbury Skatepark rail and ledge
Sudbury Skatepark curve ledge and banks
Sudbury Skatepark across and down rail and ledge

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